We stock Natures menu and Benyfit natural dog food.

Natures menu:

  • Freeflow mince: 2kg bags.
  • Blocks: 400g blocks.
  • Nuggets: 1kg bags.
  • Country Hunter Nuggets: 1kg bags.
  • Raw chews including Marrow bone, ribs and knuckles.


Benyfit natural flavours, including 80-10-10 range:

  • Premium blend
  • Tender chicken
  • perfect puppy
  • senior care +
  • Goat meat feast
  • Rabbit meat feat

and many more!

For Reptiles:

  • Frozen Mice from pinkies to XL.
  • Frozen Rats from pinkies to Jumbo.


  • Boxes of frozen, day old chicks.

For Aquatics:

  • Bloodworm

If you are looking for something specific; contact us and let us know and we may be able to get it in for you.